Cannes, France (Sep 2002)

I visited Cannes to attend ETSI IPv6 plugtest and have an interop at my branch office in Sophia Antipolis. Here's the pictures I took during this trip.

Beautiful Scenary from the Hotel Room

My hotel was a four-star-rated hotel, and the scenary was very beautiful.

Beautiful Beach at the Hotel

There was a private beach on the hotel, and I took lunch there with the engineers attending the ETSI interop.

ETSI Interop

Actually I was too busy to take the picture of my work:-)

ETSI Interop Social Event

HEL Office

Visited Hitachi Europe Laboratory (HEL) to have an interop with INRIA's guy. It was too shiny but there was no blind in the room, so we had to have an interop under an umbrella:-)


During my stay in Cannes, there was a robbery in Sophia Antipolis...

I'm a green driver:-) ("A" is a abbreviation of "apprenti" in French)