Madrid, Spain (May 2003)

I visited Madrid to attend IPv6 Summit in Madrid 2003. Here's the photos taken during this trip.

Chofu (Tokyo, Japan)

In this trip, I used a shuttle bus from Chofu to Narita, available from Apr 25 2003. It took about 100 minutes to reach Narita and the number of passengers were very small (actually only me!), so it was very convenient!

Paris (CDG)

I had to change my plane at Paris (Charles De Gaulle). My colleagues warned me about the transfer in CDG (esp. between terminal) because of its complexity. As far as I used, however, it is not so complex if you follow the sign properly. (Actually the colleagues who warned me always get stuck in something when they go abroad, so maybe it's their problem, not the problem of CDG:-) )

Here's the way to move from Terminal 1 (Satellite 3) to Terminal 2F.

  1. Once you get off at Satellite 3 Terminal 1, there are two exits; first one goes to baggage claim, and the other one goes to inter-terminal shuttle bus. When you have to go to Terminal 2 (you can judge it from the connecting flights board in Satellite 3), you have to choose the second one, otherwise you'll get lost in CDG:-)
  2. After you choose the seconds exit, just go straight and you'll immediately reaches the inter-terminal shuttle bus station. The corridor is very narrow and dark, but don't be afraid!
  3. Then ride on the bus get off at the second station "Terminal 2F".
  4. go upstairs and straight in the right direction, then you'll encounter the immigration gateway.
  5. Once you passed the gateway, you'll immediately reach Terminal 2F.


The hotel was equipped with RJ-45 ethernet connector, and IPv6 connectivity as well as IPv4 connectivity was provided through it freely!

Scenary was beautiful and the weather was very fine (not hot, not cold, not humid), but there was no restaurant around this neighborhood... So I had to go to downtown to eat dinner by taxi (Around 20 Euro) or public transportation (bus to Avda America + Subway = 1.30 + = 1.5 Euro).

IPv6 Summit

I worked for IPv6-plugtest, Hitachi's Booth install, and my presentation. Here's some pictures taken by Sumikawa-san.

Jamon, Paella!

Jamon (pronounced as 'ha-mon') means "Ham", and Paella (pronounced as 'Pa-e-lia') means a Spanish piraff flavored with garlic, saffran, olive oil etc. Although their oiliness was very heavy for my stomach, they were very delicious for me.

Breakfast Buffet in the Hotel
A small restaurant in Sol (Downtown Madrid)
A roasted pig restaurant "Botin" in Plaza Mayor (Downtown Madrid)
A paella restaurant near Plaza de Castilla (Downtown Madrid)

pictures from Sumikawa-san


Mr & Mrs Sumikawa in pre-honeymoon

It was their first abroad trip together after their marriage. But they said they'd enjoy their honeymoon in Italy in June, so it was just a pre-honeymoon(?). (Sorry for a very bad quality of image.... But please forgive me since it was quite difficult to take their pictures when they were falling in love :-))

Flamenco in Downtown

I couldn't take any picture in the hall because of the lack of flash in my digital camera. But the dance was very intense and hard; it's quite difficult to dance flamenco!

Getting together in Mr & Mrs Sumikawa's room

Mr Sumikawa introduced Miyata-san and Kosuke-san to his wife as office-clerks from Momoya (I don't know why he chose momoya:-) )