Vienna, Austria (Jul 2003)

Here's the pictures taken during my visit to Vienna for IETF-57.

Vienna International Convention Center

IETF meeting was held in the Vienna International Convention Center, located beside Donau-River. Its scenary from Donau-River was very nice.

Only problem was food... Actually there was no restaurant in this vicinity, so we had to return to downtown to take a lunch (good reason to skip IETF meeting?:-) ) . I could find one restraunt in this neighborhood, but it was not so nice... This is the picture taken at that restaurant.


My hotel 'Hotel Astoria' was located near Stephansdom and National Opera Hall. It was an very ancient hotel. There was an elevetor, but I had to open/close the door by hand!

Downtown Vienna

There were lots of ancient and beautiful buildings. The first three picture is a picture of 'Stephansdom', ancient cathedoral located in the middle of downtown Vienna.


There were 5 subway lines in downtown Vienna (but four line was operated because of construction work at U2-line). It was frequent and convenient, but you have to take care of one thing: the door does not open automatically, so you have to open it by your hand!

You can choose many kinds of tickets at vendor machine, normal ticket(normally 1-zone ticket is enough, but when you go to the airport from downtown, you have to buy 2-zone ticket), one-day ticket, three-day ticket, one-week ticket etc. I bought one-week ticket.

Here's the picture of the vending machine. Although there was an English menu, it was too complex for tourists to use it...


DHCPv6 Interop

After the IETF meeting, I joined the DHCPv6 Interop.



A famous chocolate cake in Vienna. Actually I didn't have a chance to try it, but everyone who tried it said 'it's too sweet!!!'

1-euro icecream shop in downtown Vienna

Rumor says sekiya-san visited this shop everyday


Too expensive wines...

Lunches at DHCPv6 interop

We took lunch at a restaurant besides Donau-River. Here's my dish: 'Giros-Hamburger'

jinmei-san, a famous photographer in the Internet engineering community:-), is taking a picture of his own lunch


Sumikawa-san's unforgetttable history...
Yoshifuji-san, together with 'natchan'

Austrian Airline

My flight was upgraded from chepest economy class to business class, thanks to the overbooking! It was a wonderful experience.

business-class lounge

Wireless LAN connectivity was provided freely! It was an IPv4-only network, but 6to4 worked without any problem, so IPv6-people can survive here:-)

business-class seat

It was a high-tech seat! Reclining was electrically controlled, and it became a full-flat seat if it was properly configured. (there were too many controlling switches for me to find the best seat shape, though)

AC power outlet was also provided by default; A special adapter (Targus) was necessary to use this power outlet, but I could borrow it in plane.