US IPv6 Summit (Arlington)

Some of these pictures are donated by Kobayashi-san. Thanks a lot!

During the way between Japan and Arlington

Demo Booth

The yellow overcoat is called "Happi"; Happi is a traditional Japanese overcoat used in festival, ceremony etc. Please refer to this page for the proper dressing manner:-)
IPv6PC's plastic carryng-box has obtained the IPv6-ready Logo:-). But unluckily, the box was lost in its returning way to Japan... (according to Kurosaka-san)

Walking around the DC

Downtown DC
There was some security equipment in the white-house garden:-)
Most of them are the picture of "Fashion Mall", located near Pentagon City Station.


Bombay Palace (Indian Restaurant)
It was a mild Indian curry.
Sky Dome (a bar at the top of Double-Tree Hotel)
Ikeda-san is trying a shot called "kamikaze" :-)
Woo-Lae-Oak (Korean Restaurant)
"Woe-Lae-Oak" literally means "a house that you will visit again". Actually I visited there twice during this trip:-)
Chocolate Cookie
a famous specialty in Double-Tree Hotels