Trip to Miami, Florida (Dec, 2003)


My outgoing flight to SFO was so empty that I could use the whole row by myself! (pseudo-flat sheet:-) )


My hotel (Holiday-Inn Miami Airport-West) provided DSL connectivity to all the rooms with no charge!

Please check the hotel name very carefully; there are four Holiday-Inn near Miami international Airport. (actually I went to Holiday-Inn Miami Airport-North;_;)


W95GPL stands for "Windows95 GPL"?:-)

Everglades National Park

Ranger said alligator's favorite is bird, racoon, mouse, turtle, and snail in the descending order.


I took so many pictures, but most of them were broken owing to my digital camera's failure...
The most missing picture for me is the picture of a mailbox with animal's shape (like manatee, dolphin, alligator, sea-horse etc). (here's the picture given from the mailbox vendor). Although no sightseeing book mentions it, its cuteness is quite worthy for you to see! As they can be found in most of the cottage houses in Florida-Keys area along US-1 highway, you won't have difficulty in finding it.

Finally, I have acquired a star-alliance gold membership!

Actually, this is the main purpose of this trip. (c.f. such a trip is called 'a millage pilgrimage' or 'a ascetic discipline for millage':-) by an airline mania ...)