Arrival Flight
Due to a delay in the flight, a poor connection, and a worst seat position (reclining does not work completely, too chilly...), it was so awful...
	[Original Plan (in JST)]
	Home 06:10-->08:30 Narita 10:40-->22:25 Frankfurt 23:55-->25:45 Verona 27:21-->28:28 Trento

	[Actually... (in JST)]
	Home 06:10-->08:30 Narita 12:25-->23:45 Frankfurt 29:25-->31:45 Verona 32:20-->33:20 Trento
Frankfurt Airport
Please don't forget that there is no lounge in Frankfurt after immigration. I didn't know that, and emigrated Europe only to reach the Star-Alliance lounge, and immigrated again to take the next flight:-)
Propeller Airplane
My flight between Frankfurt and Verona was served by a propeller airplane. I seemed like to be upgraded to a business class, but I cannot be sure about the difference:-)

Return Flight
Luckily, my return flight to Tokyo was upgrade to a business class with full-reclining seat and power-supply. It was very comfortable!

Hotel and its vicinity

Hotel Accademia
Scenary of Trento


Internet Connectivity
Internet Connectivity was provided via PPPoE, even within a campus. It was so difficult to understand how to reach the Internet. Okabe-san finally found a way, and he's lecturing his method in a restaurant:-)
IPv6 Demo
Jordi's dog seemed tired in appearing his demonstration:-P

My presentation
Everyone often says to me: "Are you really working while abroad? I can see only a bunch of photos of foods in your web page!". Here's a proof of my work!

Italian Railway (TrenItalia)

In Italy, people normally buy a ticket at a ticket office, but it closes at 21:00. But You can still buy a ticket using automatic vending machine in a large station, like Verona Porta Nuova or Trento.
Trains and Stations
"Ala" means a "wing" in ancient Latin Language, and ...


Ristrante Pizzeria Chiste
La Cantinota
Tre Gratani
A party held in an ancient castle in the middle of Trento
Another welcome party at a local brewer
Orient (a chinese restaurant)
3rd welcome party at a winery in Merrozzana
Breakfast at the hotel
Ristrante A77 Piazzeria
I ordered a tiramisu (pizza with sarami and egg, not a sweet cake as ordinary Japanese people imagine:-))

Cable car to Sardagna


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