got together at Kitano Station

driving to Nagano


business hotel "azalea"

kusatsu hotspring


Mt. Shirane

a Soba restaurant

Oku-yamada hotspring

udon labo:-)

  1. create an udon dough, and leave it for a few hours
  2. put some amount of wheat flour onto a flat plate
  3. squash the dough by foot
  4. put the squashed dough onto the plate
  5. expand it as thin as a passport
  6. fold the dough and cut it in a thickness of a few millimeter. Now it looks like a noodle!
  7. put the noddle into a hot water, and wait for a few minutes.
  8. then it's all right!
  9. put the boiled noodle into a special soy source

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