udon party@Sumikawas' house

ingredients for udon

please don't forget a battery for an electronic scale:-)

correct procedure to cook udon

0. warming up:-)
it's really a hard work to cook udon, so warming exercise is necessary :-)
1. put 1kg of udon flour into a bowl
2. create a salt water using 440g of water and 57.5g of salt
3. add the salt water to the flour little by little, and mix them together to creat a dough
4. after half an hour, squash the dough flatly
5. expand the flat dough in three millimeters thick in height
6. Cut the expanted dough in one or two millimeters thick in width. Now it looks like a noodle. To have a delicious udon, you must keep the same width!!
7. put the noodle into the boiled water and keep boiling it for 15 minutes.
8. after that, wash the noodle by cold water to strain it
9. make yourself hungry by some means:-)
10. Here's the delicious udon!
eat it together with soy-source, tempura, croquette, or vegetable.

magical power of udon

udon has a strong healing power; everyone gets relexed and sleepy:-)

banana cake

100g of batter(without salt), baking powder, 100g of sugar, 100g of flour, 1 or 2 eggs, 1 or 2 bananas
1. squeeze the batter for 10 minutes until it gets creamy
2. add 1 or 2 eggs to the batter cream
3. mix 100g of flour and a baking powder, too
4. crush one and a half bananas by spoon or hand
5. put the crushed banana into the cream
6. spread butter inside the baking box
7. put the mixed cream into the baking box and make it flat
8. bake it in oven for 20 minutes
9. here's a sweat banana cake!

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