During the flight
The ANA lounge of Bai-yun International Airport


My hotel was equipped with broadband Internet. The fare was 10RMB/hour (50RMB/day at maximum) according to the note in my room, but it does not seem to be charged.

It was very convenient for me to go outside from this hotel, since it is located near a local bus station (Gang-ding), a long-distance bus-station (Tian-he Da-xia bus-station), and a railway station (Guang-zhou East Railway Station). In addition, there is a shopping-mall (Shi-pai Shopping street, Tian-he shopping district) and a lots of restaurant.

local transportation



Zhu-Jiang (Pearl River)
Yue-Xiu Park
Tian-he electric city


a local fast-food restaurant
a restaurant in downtown Guang-zhou
Dim-Sum at Guang-zhou Jiu-dian (one of the most famous restaurants in Guang-zhou)
a local restaurant in Shi-pai shopping street
the first picture is not a picture of a zoo or a pet-shop; it's displayed at the entrance of a restaurant to show how lively the food is!
the spiciest food in my trip
a tortoise gelly:-)

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