JP-IT symposium at Firenze

in the airplane

Connection-By-Boing service is freely avaiable, but it'll be terminated by the end of Dec 2006.

Firenze Airport lounge
complementary wireless Internet is available, but the staff didn't have the accouting information, so you have to hack the wireless LAN station:-)
the Alps

Malaspina Hotel

Complementary wireless Intenret is available in all the rooms. However, the connection is unstable at the top of the hotel (room 310), because the signal power is not strong enough.


Campanile di Giotto


an Italian restaurant
the hotel breakfast
dried tomato that I bought in the central market
a self-service restaurant near the hotel
an Italian resaurant 'Enzo'
an Italian restaurant 'Zaza'
an Italian restaurant
an Italian restaurant
an Italian restaurant

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