during the flight

Virgin Atlantic airways
Even in economy class, they serve four kinds of normal meals (chicken, beef, fish, and japanese-shokado-bento) and amenity goods.

The navigation system displays the direction of Mecca (for Muslims?)


kebab fastfood in downtown Dublin
fresh cod available at a stall near the IETF venue.
an restaurant inside the IETF venue

an Irish bar at Rathcoole (a village near the IETF venue)
lunch in my hotel
a traditional Irish restaurant in Temple Bar


Downtown Dublin
my hotel near the IETF venue
buses near the IETF venue.
The IETF venue is not so far from my hotel (just ten-minute drive by bus). But it was a difficult trip because of the following reasons:
IETF venue (citywest hotel)
my hotel near the airport
inside the IETF venue

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